Most 13-year-old girls spend their days at school, earning an education and dreaming about their future. Thoughts of purpose, career and family fill their heads as the possibilities seem endless.

But for Leela, her dreams were more like nightmares.

Born into a poor Hindu family in Nepal, her parents were too poor to care for her. As a vulnerable child, she was sent away to Kathmandu, the capital city, and forced to work as a slave.

Her life of hard work and bondage wasn’t her only nightmare. While a slave, Leela was raped, a horrific act that brings untold shame on its innocent victims in the Hindu culture. So shameful, in fact, that though her rapist was caught, the people who should love her and protect her – her family and village – forbid her return because of their Hindu beliefs.

Even if Leela were welcome home, Hindu customs are very strict on girls, and their futures are decided by their parents and future husband. As a Hindu woman’s primary objective is simply providing company to their husband, Leela and girls like her, are taught at a young age what is expected of them.

She was shunned, hopeless and alone. Freedom was something Leela could only dream of. She thought this is where her story would end. For so many girls in the nation of Nepal, it is.

But thanks to the dreamers who partner with Answer International, this painful chapter in Leela’s life has come to a close. She is now free to write a story filled with hope, endless possibilities and the love of Jesus Christ.

This is where you stepped in and said, “No more!”

Because the freedom fighters of Answer International came to her rescue, Leela is no longer a burden sent into the dangerous life of a slave. She is a precious child of God, safe and secure at the New Leaf girls home, protected by people who want her to dream big.

They are helping her to realize her dreams by giving her the medical care she needs, the support and love she deserves, and the education to make her possibilities endless. She starts fifth grade soon, and because of your partnership, her future is not only bright, it is eternal is Jesus Christ!

Do you want to bring freedom – true eternal freedom – to a girl or boy trapped in sexual slavery? Join the fight at Answer International. Your monthly support, or one-time gift– not only brings freedom, it redeems lives once trapped in darkness to know the everlasting love of Jesus Christ.