At the age of 16, Sharada had her entire life in front of her. That would be true if she were born half a world away. She would have equal rights, equal opportunity, and the equal ability to dream of a bright future.

But Sharada was born in Nepal, a predominately Hindu society. In Nepal, women and children are not considered equal. Instead, they are property men are allowed to use as they please. Family is no exception to this belief, and girls are often the victims of the men they should be able to trust the most.

At the age of 16, Sharada was raped by her own family member. That monster then dragged her mutilated body to a remote area and proceeded to strangle her. He left her there to die, scared and alone. He thought his plan for her death would succeed, but there was another plan for her. A plan for her life – her life eternal.

Miraculously, Sharada found the strength to survive, but her nightmare wasn’t over. Because of her family’s strict Hindu beliefs, Sharada was now seen as “tainted” and was shunned by those who should have protected her. Shamed, alone and without hope, Sharada had no idea people on the other side of the world were coming to her rescue.

This is when you stepped in…

Because of the support of our freedom fighting partners, Answer International was able to rescue Sharada from rejection and hopelessness. Because strangers who love Jesus cared about her life, she is now loved, protected and living in a home full of hope.

Her adoring host parents at the Answer International New Leaf home report Sharada is now in the 8th grade and enjoys weekly Bible studies and daily devotions – learning of a God who loves, protects and redeems His beloved children. Her story of abuse, rejection and shame is now a great testimony of liberation, as well as a beacon of hope for those waiting to be rescued.

Join the cause of freedom! Your support will turn Sharada’s beacon into a promised rainbow because one more girl will be liberated. Consider bringing redemption to the lost and hurting with a one-time gift or monthly pledge to Answer International.

*Survivor’s picture has been changed for her protection*