While school should be a safe place of friendship, learning and hope for the future, for Shristi, it was anything but.

At the tender age of 11, school became a place of fear, torture and despair.  For three years, the principal at her school took advantage of this beautiful girl’s vulnerability. Using his authority, he forced her into an environment of sexual abuse, leaving deep emotional scars on her heart and mind.

Every day, Shristi entered the school doors with questions no little girl should have to ask.

“Will he call for me today or will I be spared?”

“If I am spared, does that mean he called one of my friends to him instead?”

“If I tell the teacher, would she believe me or would I get in trouble since he is her boss and the principal?”

“If my family found out, would I be welcome home or shunned?”

And the question that haunted Shristi day after day: “Why is this happening to me?” Never did she imagine being saved from this nightmare. She could only imagine surviving each day until the next.

This is where people like you stepped in.

Through the generosity of freedom-loving partners from around the world, Answer International has freed Shristi, then 14, from this horrific abuse and shame.

Her host parents at the Answer International New Leaf home in Nepal report that, though initially very scarred and ashamed, Shristi has been renewed to a girl full of hope for her future. Not only is she receiving the medical treatment she so desperately needs, her emotional wounds are also healing as she is learning  to trust the people around her.

Now 15, she is no longer afraid to go to school. Because of the abuse, she is behind in her studies, but is excelling in the 5th grade with the hope of completing her education.

Redeemed in every way possible thanks to the love Jesus Christ and partners like you who donate to Answer International, Shristi is grateful for the people who stepped in to say “not on my watch.”

Would you like to commit to supporting Shristi and other girls with similar stories of sexual abuse and bondage? Together with your support, Answer International can liberate and redeem more victims of sexual abuse and slavery – one girl at a time.


*Survivor’s picture has been changed for her protection*