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One girl at a time.

– Approximately 75-80% of human trafficking is for sex.
– There are more human slaves in the world today than ever before in history.
– 300,000 or more girls are sold into sex slavery in Nepal and India every year.
What can you do to change this?

Be the answer.

By liberating, giving life, showing love, bringing empowerment, and offering hope.

Here’s just one story …

Sanjita is 16 years old and is sweet and gentle. She was raped and sexually abused, and in Nepalese society this brings a stigma upon the family.  Consequently, the entire community shunned the family. The result? Sanjita’s own father disowned her and hates her for the “shame” she brought to the family. She is now living in a new home and being loved unconditionally and protected from further abuse.  Sanjita is recovering well and responding to loving care by her new protectors in a safe home. Her foster “parents” shared, “Sanjita tells us she has found true joy.” Staff at Answer International were brought to tears at this simple statement of a life redeemed.  Every day, a silent cry for freedom rings out from those like Sanjita who have no voice. You can BE THE ANSWER.

How can you help?

In 2016, we successfully rescued 67 girls from sexual abuse and sexual slavery.

B E   T H E   A N S W E R   I N   2 0 1 7

By partnering with Answer International, freedom is possible for many more girls just like Sanjita. You can make a difference in their lives! Become a part of the movement to impact lives on the other side of the world as we liberate girls from sexual abuse and sex slavery in India and Nepal, giving them a chance at a life with dignity and options. In addition, partnerships will support the survivors on a daily basis as they transition back into society.

Your pledge makes their freedom possible.

Be the Leader or Liberator that you are called to be and partner with us today! 
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What we do in this life echoes in eternity.